22nd September, 2016 / News & Updates

If you have eaten your evening meal with us then you will know that all our cooking is homemade. Our Chutneys are also homemade. It probably isn’t news to you that chutneys originated in India and are known as chatni in Hindu. There are typically made of fruits and spices to help preserve their quality. They were brought to the UK during the colonial era. As us British do, we place our own spin on the typical Indian versions of what chutneys are supposed to be.

So have you ever wondered how we make our chutneys then wonder no further? The recipe is given below.


Plum & Date Chutney

2 lb Dark Plums

2 lb Dates Fresh or the ones chopped with sugar on

1lb Onions peeled and roughly chopped

2 oz Sea Salt

1 tsp Ground Ginger

1 Tblsp heaped Allspice

2 lb Soft Brown Sugar

Half pint malt vinegar



  • Stone the Plums and Dates (if using fresh dates) and peel the onions put these ingredients through a mincer or Magimix.
  • chutney-1
  • Put all the above into large Jam Pan or similar pan, mix well.
  • chutney
  • Simmer over a low heat until thick.
  • chutney-2
  • If you pull the spoon across the pan when it leaves a good rut it is ready.
  • Cool a little and Pot.


Please get in contact if you would like more recipes!!