27th April, 2017 / News & Updates

March 2017- New Extension


As many of our guests already know we are currently using our new dining space although its not yet finished. We are waiting for the screed to dry before we can put the flooring down. Hopefully after Easter Bank Holiday it will be fully completed.

We are very happy with the building works so far and its hard to believe how quick the building went up. Our main ambition was to create more social space so we can develop Llanerchindda Farm further in the future.

Below are some pictures for several stages of the works:

The builders getting started by taking the existing conservatory down, removing the quarry tiles from the floor and putting up a scaffolding roof.


The scaffolding roof up ready for the concrete slab to be put down.


The concrete slab down.


As you can see the extension is now taking shape.

15894342_1244588965631048_6232719563831415997_n 15940898_1244588988964379_364717514882703983_n

The joist going up.


The first part of the roof is going on.

16265173_1255763017846976_8558740572028994058_n 16194970_1255763034513641_399610619783437606_n

The under flooring been laid and then screed poured over that.

16265341_1260456624044282_2027287928208470536_n16388429_1263552583734686_1886832571944496445_n16427486_1263552507068027_4780906459395161247_n  16298476_1263552527068025_5656279542327094272_n 16298535_1263552550401356_5791655755175793227_n16406550_1263552483734696_2550161504982902918_n


The final part of the roof being assembled.

16427701_1266111370145474_2044474492704327640_n 16508163_1266110316812246_3850231987848076194_n

Windows and sky lantern in! Also getting the outside ready for the Cedar cladding.

16807234_1277360305687247_1944603670237601491_n 16729274_1277360339020577_6124784966108382460_n 16729018_1277360319020579_7872161088804137545_n16807445_1283639108392700_3883779883645666323_n

The Cedar cladding being put on the outside of the building.

16865177_1283639055059372_7044696507352428774_n 16864500_1283639025059375_6697826892047290094_n

Nearly Done!

We are now able to use the room but still to come are the flooring and some final touches.

17190730_1297807816975829_216574113539310815_n 17103622_1297808063642471_5685767518097254690_n 17202948_1297808066975804_4705513356309419145_n1 17190384_1297808206975790_4237717412779601270_n1 17203240_1297808120309132_6975008334721572090_n1

What an amazing view!


Keep an eye out for our next posts as we will be posting pictures of the flooring and the completed project!

If you would like to see what we have done with the place for yourself please do not hesitate to contact us for availability!!