2 Walks From Llanerchindda Farm:

We are pleased to suggest 2 short walks on our land and in the adjacent forestry here at Llanerchindda

Green Walk – 4.9km (3 Miles) Red Walk – 2km (1.25 Miles)

both have been waymarked and are relatively easy to  follow, if you would like us to talk you through the routes please ask. Please see one of the team before setting off to get the code for the gate on the Green Walk.

Green Walk – Cynant & Fwng Loop

4.9km (3 miles) 1 1/2 Hours – Moderate walk, boots or wellies recommended

Depart through the gate at the back of the car park down the concrete road following the green arrows (look out for the markers they can be difficult to spot) keeping right by the old plough and pass the wood shed – this is where we store our wood for the biomass boiler supplying all the hot water and heating on site, our logs for the house fires are also stored here.

Continue on the stone track past the orchard and compost bins on your left – we turn all our vegetable peelings in to compost which we use for our bedding plants, we also have apple trees, blackcurrant bushes and gooseberry bushes here, the fruit they produce is used in our kitchen.

At the y junction at the start of Vitara Drive stay on the left track following the stone track above the river Bran on to the 4×4 course here you will see a mixture of Oak, Beech, Hazel, Ash & Willow trees with an abundance of blue bells in the spring and other wild flowers.

Stay on this track, after you pass the sign for Rusty’s hill take the3rd track on the left following the green way marker up hill, before you reach the 5 bar gate take the track on you right to the pond – you will see an abundance of wildlife here including frogs, tadpoles, dragon flies and a variety of birds, a kingfisher has even been spotted here and an otter has been pictured on our wildlife camera along with water voles.

When you reach the pond go to the right to walk around to the far end, after the board walks turn right following green marker. (option to continue straight ahead following the red markers for shorter walk back to Llanerchindda).

Follow the markers through the field to reach the Clay shooting field, if the red card is displayed and shooting is taking place please wait to be given the go ahead to      proceed, the fields here are a large peat bog that rarely dries out

Bare left towards the brown hut, and go through the gate and turn right  (the code for the combination lock on the gate – please ask for the code. (option to turn left here and pick up the red markers to return to Llanerchindda).

Follow the stone track up the valley for 1.2km until you reach the bridleway and Ford, at this point if the river is low go through the ford following the green marker – otherwise continue along the track to the footbridge cross over and turn right to follow the     footpath through the field back to the bridleway.

If you cross at the ford turn right and follow the far river bank to the first willow tree and turn sharp-left away from the river towards the forestry look for the green marker in the old hawthorn tree, continue to the gate.

Go through the gate and turn right up hill through newly planted forestry when you reach the forest track at the top turn right and follow this track for 800 metres. (option to turn left here for an extra loop, you will need an OS Map for this). Great views ahead of the Carmarthern fans, Black mountain, and Epynt ranges

When you come to the first major turning to the right where you see a green forest gate and a group of buildings turn right down this track between the buildings and continue steeply down hill past Fwng Uchaf (Uchaf means upper in Welsh)

At the bottom of the hill go through green forestry gate and turn right and follow track to join the tarmac, then turn right and follow tarmac back to Llanerchindda.

Red walk – pond loop

2km (1.25 miles) 30 – 40 Minutes – Easy walk, boots or wellies recommended

Follow the green route as far as the board walks at the far end of the pond and then follow the description below following the red arrows for a shorter walk back to     Llanerchindda

At the end of the board walks continue straight ahead following the opposite bank of the pond back to the summer house and parking area, re trace your steps leaving the pond behind you, when you come to the T junction turn right and go through the five bar metal gate on to a more substantial track.

When you get to this track turn left uphill and follow this track to the tarmac road – on your left in the field you will see a large water tank this is where our water supply from our bore hole is pumped to, from here it is gravity fed back to Llanerchindda.

When you reach the tarmac turn left steeply down hill back to Llanerchindda .

Heart of Wales Line Trail 

The Heart of Wales Line trail passes close to Llanerchindda giving you the option to explore the area using the train to link it all together


Cwm Rhaeadr

The forest is a 5 mile drive from us, there is no live stock in the forest and you can normally walk in here without needing to put your dog on a lead.

Cwm Rhaeadr means “valley of the waterfall” Try the gentle accessible walk which is 3/4 mile or the longer waterfall walk which is 2 1/2 miles.

The highlight of the woodland is the sight of the waterfall, the highest in Carmarthenshire, as it pours off the Mynydd Mallaen.

This is a mixed woodland, with native broadleaves and non-native conifers. The big Douglas fir trees you see here were planted in 1947.



White Bridge – Irfon Forest

The forest is a 12 mile drive from us with a lovely riverside walk which can be extended again there is no live stock in the forest and you can normally walk here without the need to put your dog on a lead.

There are two short walking trails alongside the River Irfon which flows down from the Cambrian Mountains.

The pretty riverside picnic area is next to the car park


Discover Carmarthenshire

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