We are pleased to announce a link up with Hawk Adventures, of Golden Grove, Carmarthenshire to provide a number of activities on our land here at Llanerchindda.

There are also a number of other activities Hawk can provide in the area (please see below for more details).

Activities that are available onsite or based from Llanerchindda

Hill walking

We can tailor the day to suit your needs, whether in the hills or mountains, easily accessible or very remote areas. And we can provide the skills and knowledge that go with it (map reading skills, weather prediction, route-finding, geology, history, and much more),


Archery is an activity that has been a firm favourite for many years. Our experienced instructors will give you training on safe use of the bow and arrow, and coach you on how to find your aim. After that it’s all about practice in this surprisingly addictive sport.

For those with a competitive streak, we can turn the activity into a friendly competition and the ‘best with the bow’ will win a medal.

This activity is perfect for participants of all ages, from school groups to stag dos. Archery is a personal skill event that allows you to challenge yourself and your fellow competitors.

We can include archery as part of a multi-activity day, or can deliver it as a standalone event anywhere in South Wales that has the space to accommodate a safe working area.

Adventure walks

See the real wilderness of the area by walking, scrambling and climbing over the terrain. Get that remote feeling, choosing to take the more challenging routes, while knowing you’re safe under the watchful eye of your knowledgeable instructor. Not to be dismissed as the tame choice!

This is a walking activity that combines a variety of challenges of your choice to create an epic journey through the landscape of Wales.

Problem solving and team exercises

This is an area we have specialised in for the last 20 years. We can organise and deliver a huge range of problem-solving activities for teams. These can range from reasonably straight forward 30-minute challenges through to complex team challenges lasting a day or two. We design the problems to meet your needs and the problems can be indoor or outdoor based.

We have delivered these as elements of a bigger event or as challenges, both as competitions and as straightforward individual and team problems to solve.

Problem-solving is usually requested as part of a challenge event, for development courses or as a part of team-building events.

Power kiting

Imagine a kite, now think bigger… bigger… bigger… Power kite!

We’ll teach you how to get them up, keep them there, then use the power of the wind to move you along the ground or up in the air. Kiting is a fun activity that anyone can do, and you’ll find yourself having quite a workout at the same time.

The kites we use are over 3m² and big enough to lift you off the floor (with the right wind and technique). They even have brakes to slow you down or bring you back to earth. Power kiting makes for a great half-day activity, especially as part of a multi-activity day with archery, orienteering or as part of a beach day.

River crossings (Tyroleans)

River crossing can be anything from a simple rope from side to side on which to slide, to a complicated rope-and-plank engineering masterpiece resembling Tower Bridge, and everything in between.

These rope crossings are great fun to build, and rather exciting to use, given that you build it yourself! Don’t worry though, our experienced staff will always be on hand to keep things safe and guide you to success.

River crossings can be organised as a half-day activity on their own, as part of an adventure walk or challenging team event. They can also be combined with other activities to form part of a multi-activity package.

Raft building

A super team challenge that can be undertaken with just a small group or with a number of teams. The idea is simple: build a raft, climb aboard and sail off in to the sunset. The reality is much more engaging, and entertaining.

We provide all of the equipment to build the raft, the venue and the safety equipment (buoyancy aids, helmets, etc).

You provide the ideas, designs and building skills. When building is complete it’s time to test the rafts on the water – anything can happen and usually does!

Raft building makes a great half-day activity on its own, or as part of a challenging team event. It can also be combined with other activities to form part of a multi-activity package.

Canoeing and kayaking for beginners

We are able to offer a wide range of events on the water in either canoes or kayaks. As with other activities, you can undertake taster sessions, or learn skills. You can try a half or whole day or undertake a canoe expedition and camp out overnight.

The Rivers and Canals of South Wales give us the opportunity to deliver just the session you are looking for – whether still water, moving water or white water, our qualified and experienced staff will provide an event to remember.


Bushcraft is all about using the natural world around you. Not just to survive, but to thrive. Common elements of our Bushcraft activity include fire-lighting, shelter-building, foraging, using a knife and other tools and wilderness cooking.

Our Bushcraft activities last for either a half or a whole day and will be run by an experienced outdoor instructor with excellent wilderness and survival skills.

No experience is necessary to come on our Bushcraft days. We’ll just build on whatever skills you have and introduce you to new things on the way.

We have blended classic approaches to Bushcraft that are tried and tested by organisations like the Scouts and the Military and combined them with modern thinking by people like Ray Mears and Bear Grylls to make our sessions practical, interesting and thoroughly enjoyable.

Other activities available in the surrounding area

Rock climbing and abseiling

  •  Brecon Beacons – 1 hour

Mountain walking

  • Brecon Beacons – 30 minutes

Map reading and navigation

  • Brecon Beacons – 30 minutes


  • Cwm Rhaeadr, Cilycwm – 15 minutes
  • Garwnant – 1 hour


  • Llygad Llwchwr – 40 minutes
  • Porth yr Ogof – 1 hour

Guided Walks

  • Brecon Beacons – 30 minutes
  • Waterfall Walks – 1 hour

Gorge Walking and canyoning

  • Pontneddfechan – 1 hour

Canoeing and kayaking

  • Llyn Brianne – 20 minutes
  • Usk Reservoir – 40 minutes
  • Lower Towy – 50 minutes
  • River Usk (River Trip) – 55 minutes


  •  Caswell, Gower – 1 hour 20 minutes

Sea level traversing

  • Tor Bay, Gower – 1 hour 30 minutes


  • Caswell, Gower – 1 hour 20 minutes
  • Morfa Bay – 1 hour 15 minutes

Activities can be delivered as half, whole day or evening sessions and more than one can take place at a time. This allows us to deliver a programme of activities that meets the needs of all those attending.

Gary & his team at Hawk Adventures has been Providing Outdoor Activities since 1990, they are dedicated to providing exciting and enjoyable adventure activities, corporate events and team building events.

They have a wide range of outdoor activities available for individuals and groups both large and small, all catered to your needs. Whether you are looking for a taste of adventure activities, fun corporate events or challenging team building events they have the activities to suit your needs.

All activities are provided by highly experienced and qualified Instructors. All hold the relevant and current First Aid awards. National qualifications held are those approved by the relevant governing bodies.

They are a fully licensed outdoor activity centre, licensed by the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority, they regard the safety of there customers as the most important aspect of there service.

For more details on the activities available through Hawk Adventures have a look at their website www.hawkadventures.co.uk