The aim of this driving experience is to teach you the basics of off-road driving – and to show you what 4x4s are capable of while using our vehicle with an instructor sitting next to you in a controlled environment.

The 4×4 course offers both novices and experienced drivers a challenge.

Basic introduction to 4×4 driving (aimed at those with little or no experience of off-road driving).

1 person: 1½ hour session (40 minutes’ driving) £100.00

2 people: 2½ hour session (40 minutes’ driving each) £180.00

Customer drive around in own vehicle, with instructor on site.

Once you have completed the basic introduction to 4×4 driving, we are able to take you out on the course in your own vehicle so that you can put into practice what you have learned.  The charge for half an hour’s driving (to include instructor) in your vehicle is £35.00.

Basic introduction to Green Laning

Now that you have experienced off-roading on our private site, you may like to go out and explore some of our local green lanes, using your own vehicle. A half-day trek following one of our instructors is £120.00.

For further details, or to make a booking, please contact us on 01550 750274, or e-mail us on:

Pre-booking is essential

The video below was shot on our 4×4 course here at Llanerchindda. This gives you a good idea of the sort of terrain that you will be driving during your experience.